Water Purification

⦁ Distilled Water:
⦁ Distilled water is created through the process of distillation. In this process, water is heated to the boiling point, where it evaporates as pure steam, leaving impurities behind, such as minerals and metals, due to their higher melting and boiling points. The steam is then cooled down, resulting in the formation of distilled water free from impurities.

⦁ What is Pure Water?
⦁ Now, there is a minor issue in the aforementioned process, which is that when water is heated, many organic compounds escape into the water, which have lower boiling points than pure water (such as pesticides, herbicides, and various chemical compounds). The point is that when water is heated, these volatile substances boil off first, and then pure water evaporates. Therefore, having additional purification technology is crucial. Nowadays, water purification devices produce pure water by utilizing purification technologies that eliminate organic volatile substances. Caspian Jam Azma, as a leading importer of laboratory equipment, has addressed this laboratory need by procuring and distributing devices from some of the most reputable brands worldwide. One of the water purification devices that is approved and supported by Caspian Jam Azma is the new generation of the Merck water purification system, abbreviated as IQ 7000 Milli-Q.

⦁ Milli-Q IQ 7000:
⦁ The 7th generation of the Merck water purification system, resulting from the reputable company’s 50 years of experience in producing water purification devices, is one of the best devices developed in this field, fully meeting the pure water needs of laboratories. This device has been able to introduce itself as the best water purification system by utilizing the latest methods and the most powerful filters. In this article, we will delve into the examination of this device.

Features and New Capabilities of the Device:

  1. Strong System Connectivity
  2. Beautiful and Efficient Dispenser
  3. New Purification Cartridges
  4. Improved UV Lamps, A10
  5. Easy and Quick Installation
  6. After-Sales Services
  7. Information Management
  • System Connectivity:
    The IQ 7000, with its 5-inch capacitive touchscreen, provides users with a new and delightful experience through controls and visual interfaces. The design of this device occupies minimal space in the laboratory and integrates the pure water production unit with the laboratory by concentrating all information in the Q-POD.

Furthermore, the device allows the user to customize the water purification process according to their specific volume requirements. Another feature of this device is the production reporting. After each production, the user can store the relevant reports with a unique identifier in the system or save them on external memory as a QR code.

Defining access for users based on their needs is another capability of this device. Moreover, programming the device to turn on and off according to the laboratory’s working hours is another advantage of this device.

  • Device Dispenser:
    One of the competitive advantages of the IQ 7000 compared to similar devices is its beautiful and efficient dispenser. This dispenser, with its unique visual appearance and compatibility with the manufacturer’s needs, has become an acceptable advantage for this device.

The wheel embedded on top of this dispenser helps the user increase the output up to eight times (from drop by drop to 2 liters). Additionally, the distribution status is visible on the device’s display screen. By pressing the button on the outlet of the produced pure water, it can be easily dispensed, and releasing the button will stop the flow.

This dispenser has been tested on various individuals and designed to be convenient to use. The spring-arm holder of this device helps you easily remove and place the nozzle. It does not require any pressure to operate and can be easily controlled with the touch of a button.

Merck company has tried to create an ideal and different experience for users of this device by producing new cartridges. The locking mechanism of these cartridges is focused on ease of use, very efficient, and different. This mechanism allows for easy insertion or removal of the cartridges. Another feature of this product is the automatic detection of the cartridges by the device.

In the production of these cartridges, a new type of resin called IQNano has been used. It is an ion exchange resin with smaller particles and fast kinetics, which has optimized the performance of the device.

New UV Lamps:
Another competitive advantage of this device is the use of new UV lamps. These lamps are not only environmentally friendly but also highly effective in reducing the size of the system, with a size reduction of up to 2.5 percent. Moreover, the emitted UV radiation has no impact on bacteria whatsoever.
Excimer technology used in the production of UV A10 lamps prevents them from getting hot and causing impact during on/off cycles. Easy cleaning of these lamps is another advantage.

Device Size:
The IQ 7000 device is smaller compared to similar devices, which allows it to occupy less space in the laboratory. It demonstrates high efficiency and utilizes the latest design methods. This device can be an environmentally compatible choice for you.

Easy installation and serial installation with a minimum distance of 5 meters from each other are among the other characteristics of this device.