Service is Important For Your Laboratory!


Caspian Jam Azma aim to meet your specific laboratory service needs. We offer a wide array of services, including a comprehensive chromatography service portfolio, general laboratory device services, application support, equipment support and other measuring equipment services. You can request service support directly on our service support page and on any other service pages on

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From everyday instrument service to compliance and validation, from laboratory IT and analytics solutions to scientific staffing, Caspian JA will help streamline your lab routines and get your scientists back to their main order of business – science.

Caspian JA is passionate about providing customers with an unmatched experience as they help solve critical issues, especially impacting the diagnostics, discovery and laboratory solutions markets. See how together we are improving lives and the world around us.


How do you get the best performance from your laboratory?

Equipment Selection

Choosing an equipment helps your laboratory's performance in the beginning.


To maintain productivity, your equipment must perform reliably for each measurement.

Support & Repair

Our local Service Technicians conveniently bring the repair solution to your facility.


Employees have a high precaution for your company's laboratory.

Laboratory is everything for you ...  Think quality.,creativity.,analytical intelligence.,continuity.

Our Vision

We shape the future of your laboratory by thinking analytically.

We always think in detail when setting up your laboratory. It is important for us in which sector you are in, what clientele you have, and how long you are investing.

Caspian Jam Azma Our Vision

We must be creative when setting up the lab. Your field of work, your sector, your staff and your analysis give us an idea, if we shape the laboratory we are going to build.

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